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Belle Jounree Spa & Beauty


Upper Lip or Chin $20

Eye Brow Shape $20

Underarm $20

Full Arm $35

Bikini Line $25

G-String $30

Brazilian (strip or triangle) $60

Half Leg $30

Top Half Leg $40

Top Half Leg & Bikini $50

Full Leg $55

Full Leg & Bikini $70


Eye Brow Shape $25

Underarm $30

Full Arm $45

Bikini Line $30

Brazilian from $65

Full Leg $70

Men's Back or Chest $50

Brazilian Wax is our speciality. We are very quick and tidy. You won't be limping home to your tweezers tidying up patches here and there. There will be no horrid stories to tell your girlfriends. 

Preparation:  Your hair needs to be at least 1cm long. Please leave any trimming that may needed to be done to us. Some choose to take a weak pain killer such as panadol 30 minutes prior to the treatment, however it isn't necessary as we are very quick and the pain is minimal. Make sure that skin is clear of all product such as lotion, oil or fake tan for the treatment. 



What happens? You will be asked to remove all clothes from the waist down, lie on the bed with a paper sheet and place a small towel to cover bikini area. Both hot and strip wax are used for the treatment, however you can request to use one type of wax only. Please tell your beautician exactly what you want to have done. We might ask for your assistance in holding the skin from time to time and change positions. Mancine Hands and Body lotion is placed on the treated area to end the procedure.



After care: Leave lotion applied by us for as long as possible. Do not rub or wash it off for the next two hours (minimum). Depending on how sensitive you are, you may want to use more calming lotion on the area or some powder. Do not exfoliate for next 2-3 days.

We use Mancine brazilian rose hot wax and aloe green strip wax.

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