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Adena Laser SPL Hair Removal and Photorejuvenation

Adena SPL Hair Removal & Photorejuvenation

FASTEST TechnologY in the world for Black, White, Blonde, Red and Grey Hair Removal.


Finding a quality hair removal machine is a lot easier in theory than it is in reality. It took us forever, but we couldn’t be happier with the choice we made. All of that time and money was well spent.

ADENA SPL hair removal has proven itself to be the fastest and most effective piece of hair removal equipment around. Try and find another hair removal machine that will actually work on thin, blonde, grey, white and red hair!

At Belle Journee Spa & Beauty salon in Edgecliff, we understand that you may have a lot of questions when you’re considering hair removal treatment. Perhaps, you tried it previously and your results were somewhat disappointing. Reasons for that could be the quality of the machine, or a poorly trained laser hair removal therapist who didn’t align the setting correctly, resulting in either not making any difference or worse – burn.

Training sessions are not enough to perform such treatment, you need experience with various skin and hair types. This experience is what has given Elena at Belle Journee Spa & Beauty salon in Edgecliff, the confidence to say – that she simply KNOWS WHAT SHE IS DOING.

What is square pulsed light (SPL) hair reduction?

ADENA hair removal used at Belle Journee Spa & Beauty salon in Edgecliff was patented in France. This computerised salon device filters out harmful ultraviolet light and infrared wavelengths ensuring a safe progressive hair removal system. The combination of this incredible piece of technology and its large spot size is what helps us offer treatments at our Edgecliff beauty salon that are fast, safe and can be considered painless. This will also end up being cheaper than waxing!

What areas and skin types can be treated?

ADENA technology allows us to treat all face and body parts and hair types at Belle Journee Spa & Beauty salon in Edgecliff. It’s the only machine in the world that works on thing, light, white, grey, red and blonde hair!

How does ADENA hair removal work on dark hair?

ADENA hair removal machine pulses of intense lamp light penetrate the skin and are absorbed by the melanin in the hair. The absorption heats the hair shaft and the energy is transmitted to the hair follicle. This results in the follicle being heated to a temperature of 70°C for a millisecond. The hair follicles are destroyed by each flash. All without any damaging the surrounding tissue.

How many sessions do I required at your beauty salon in Edgecliff?

Everyone is different and here at Belle Journee Spa & Beauty salon in Edgecliff, we found that several (an average of 10) sessions may be needed on monthly bases. After initial few session, you may find that only one or two annual maintenance sessions are needed to maintain your results. Eventually, this will lead to no hair what so ever!

The reason for above is that only about 20% of our body hair is on surface at one time (also known as “growth phase” or “active hair”). Without getting too technical, our hair goes through growth cycles/phases which is why it reveals only a portion of hair that it’s got at any given time. Unseen hair is considered to be in its resting phase and can’t be treated. Certain hairs can also become active due to age and hormonal modifications. Other factors include hair colour and thickness.

How should I prepare for my first hair removal session?

All dark haired ladies and gentlemen, please stay away from wax for a minimum of 4 weeks prior to your treatment (the longer the better). Stick to using a razor for the time being. Also, please shave a day prior or on the day of your treatment.

Thin, blonde, red, white and grey hair individuals like us, please do NOT remove hair with any tools. We know if could be a lot to ask, but we only ask because we want the best results for YOU. No pulling, waxing or shaving. Nothing for at least 4 weeks prior to the treatment (once again, the longer the better).

What exactly is going to happen during my hair removal session?

If you haven’t had a consultation prior to your first hair removal session, we will have to start with that.

Dark hair: If you are prepared for your treatment (see here for how to prepare) we will get you to complete our information form, talk you through what is about to happen and get straight into it – cooling down gel will be placed to numb the area and off we go. You will be out of the doors in minutes!

Blonde, thin, red, white and grey hair: If you are prepared for your treatment (see here for how to prepare) we will also get you to complete our information form, talk you though what is about to happen and …WAX. Why wax, you ask? To open up the follicles. Treatment that you will undertake seems very similar to what someone with dark hair would undertake, but is very different on our side of things. Ultimately, we need to open up the follicles and stimulate blood circulation, which is why we wax before laser treatment itself.

It’s important to add that for those with blonde, thin, red, which and grey hair – wax must be done at our premises simply because it has to be performed just before the treatment takes place. And yes, we do charge for the wax itself. Please see here for our wax pricing, so you don’t get a nasty surprise on the day.

What if I have mix of dark and light hair?

First we’ll start with dark hair treatment and then move only light, grey, red, white, thin or blonde. For more information on both treatments at Belle Journee Spa & Beauty salon in Edgecliff, please see here.

When will I see results after my hair removal treatment?

It is possible that you won’t see any results after your very 1st session, but expect to be stunned after 2-3 sessions. You will start seeing that you have one less thing to worry about and it will feel great!

Does it give permanent results?

Yes! Most hair will not grow back at all whilst other hair may grow back thinner and lighter.

Hair Removal Price?

Please find some time and come for a quick consultation at our beauty salon in Edgecliff. Its free, takes about 10 minutes and we promise not to jump onto you and force you into doing something you are unsure about!

Black hair removal is $60 for 5 minutes.

However, we really can’t tell what Blonde, Red, Grey or White hair removal will cost until we see the area that needs to be treated. You’ve simply got to come in and have a chat with us. Also, please don’t forget that we do charge for the waxing that’s performed prior to laser hair removal treatment on hair types that aren’t dark.

Why do I have to come for a consultatioN?

Because it’s simply silly not to! 10 minutes of your time will clear your mind and inform you what this procedure is all about. It’s free and there are no obligations. 

We are all different and so our approach to your treatment would be individual.

What do I do after I had my treatment?

No hot showers, swimming in a pool or the ocean, no cream, moisturiser or lotion application on treated area for at least 24 hours. Please AVOID SUNLIGHT on treated area all the way through the entire length of treatment sessions.

Photorejuvenation Price?

Hands $100

De Colltage $120

Full Face $150

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