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A profoundly relaxing, specific pressure and massage technique working on precise reflex points of your feet that correspond to organs, glands and body parts.

30 minutes - $60


Stress Relief Massage

Firm massage for the release of deep muscular tension and stress relief.

30 minutes - $60

60 minutes - $100


Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage

Dissolve office tension with a massage – it’s a perfect way to spend your lunch break.

30 minutes - $60


Relaxation Massage

By using long, fluid, slow moving strokes your therapist will release unwanted tension and relax your mind, body and soul.

60 minutes - $90



A soothing massage with gentle flowing, rhythmic movements to help calm the sensory nerves and release tension from the muscles. Essential oils are chosen for your individual needs for a complete drift away experience.

60 minutes - $110


Facial & Massage

Back, neck and shoulders massage with Express Facial.

60 minutes - $130

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